Vienna Trip

Hello lovelies!!

I am finally back on blog and ready to share my picture diary from stunning Vienna, Austria.

Have you even visited before this lovely city before

I am so lucky to get the chance to travel so much but must say that after seeing so many countries and cities Vienna left very strong impression on me .

I had a chance to visit Schönbrunn Palace, Albertina museum, downtown of Vienna

It is full of tourists from all different countries, language they speak is German and you can find citizens from Germany, Balkan countries and Turkey as well.

Enjoy in pictures and let me know if you visited Vienna before

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Thank you for reading and let me know your experience.xx

Elemis ? Yes please!!

Hello beauties !! I hope you are spending your day/evening amazing and peaceful 🙂

Today I will write about Elemis Brand ! Have you already familiar with it ?

Elemis is luxurious cosmetic for body and face coming from London .

Years and years I was searching for the right cosmetic for my face , whatever I tried it was just not good enough. After many years I have discovered amazing Elemis . Bellow see my top 5 favorite products so far :

  1. Peptide4  night recovery oil – it will literally recover your skin over night! After cleansed skin you will apply and take a beauty sleep 🙂 In the morning skin feels soft, replenished and more smooth. Absolutely amazing !!p4nrco_xx_master_v01_rgb_web
  2. Dynamic resurfacing gel mask – If you do have problematic skin , acne, scars, this is the right thing for you. It has smoothing effect, restore even skin tone and it is anti-aging. I am using it once a week to maintain my skin and must say my face looks fabulous after it . It comes also with other skin products as night cream, facial wash, day cream, serum..dynamic-resurfacing-gel-mask
  3. Frangipani Monoi body oil – First reason i like this product-smells absolutely phenomenal . It does great job for the dry skin, hair, scalp, nails. It is made from Frangipani flower and coconut oil and delivers the best nourishment I have ever tried.  frangipani-monoi-body-oil_100_rgb_web
  4. Lime and Ginger salt  glow- Well in order to keep our skin healthy and glowing, we need to exfoliate once a week and remove dead skin cells. I find this perfect for me, make my skin instantly soft and definitely glowing. Love it ! lime-_-ginger-salt-glow_490_rgb_web
  5. Absolute eye mask – Anybody here with dark circles, puffy eyes?? Me too!  This mask is saving my day ! Nourishes, revitalizes and removes dark circles. I am using it  3 times a week for the best benefits and seeing the huge difference. 00260_elemis_absolute_eye_mask_30mlIf you have any comments or you already tried these products or something different please go ahead and comment and tell me your experience ! Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more! xoxo

2019 !

Hello all !!

How is everything going so far ? Have you achieved  you goals from 2018 yet ?

Few days ago I actually founded my old notebook/planner where I saw that I wrote my goals for 2018! The best thing is I actually achieved that goals and I did not eve realized it !! So good feeling ! Blessing !

For 2019 I do have another goals. Already working on it..what is the life with no goals?

I started changing my daily routine, focusing on things I am grateful for and instead of negativity, trying to be better person, kind person, and I also have read one amazing book called ”Miracle morning” which change the way how I think and the way I see the world. I am warmly recommending it to you !

Soon I will be back with my travel posts and my next stop is Vienna where I will be blogging and posting about it !

Thank you for reading XX hope your 2019 is going great and you are working on your dreams ! See you very soon


Zorana   xoxo


Top 5 ‘vacation destinations’ in Europe

Beauty Voyager 🦋

Summer is coming and we are already thinking about the places we can visit and  where to spent our vacation. Here is my TOP LIST, places where I’ve been and definitely will visit again and  from my “summer bucket list” .

GREECE – This country is one of my favorite to go. Every time I’ve been here it was absolutely blast. National food, music, surrounded with Aegean and Ionian sea and every place you chose it will be amazing, everywhere is different, however my suggestion for Greece would be Mykonos and Santorini. santorini-viewCROATIA – This country is close to my home but somehow I’ve been there only once. I  have visited Dubrovnik and completely fell in love with this city.  Beautiful Adriatic sea , Old city of Dubrovnik, it is also a port so cruise ships are visiting this city very often. There is a lot of things to…

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Are you living your dream life?

Hello guys!!

Sorry for not posting very often as I am working very long hours and finally have my perfect job which I always wanted.

Today I am in stunning San Juan – Porto Rico.

All of this made me think- yes I have my perfect job- but now what’s next?

Do you ever have a feeling when you achieve something you are happy maximum 7 days and then everything back to normal and time for new goals? A guess that is normal.

So I have realized that we always need to have a goals, if you don’t have it, you cannot achieve it! But with the journey to be happy and not just to wait the final achievement. Because when that comes, maybe you realize that journey is more special that the Dream life at the end ☺️

Here are few pics from amazing Caribbean 🙂

Perfect Life


Have you ever dreamed about the ‘Perfect Life’ ? Are you living one now? What would you consider as perfect life anyway?

The fact is – it is very individual for every single person. What is ‘dream life’ for me does not have to be for you as well.  But, we all are dreaming about something.

When I was on my vacation in Egypt, I was relaxing on the beach, and suddenly I have realized that I have everything what I was dreaming about 3 years ago. If you consider me, I am traveler in my soul, now I have a job where I actually travel all the time, and I can afford myself everything, but everything I ever wanted. So am I happy? Blessed?  Of course I am. Do I have new goals? Of course have.  But to live actually your dreams, whatever it is, you need to take action.

First step – You need to figure out what do you want with your life. You need to see a clear vision of yourself, what is your passion and where you see yourself working as someone who is happy and enjoying in the life.

Second step – Stop complaining. Complains will just bring you more things to complain about. Stop talking about the problems and give a focus on something what makes you happy and where you are passionate about it.

Third step – Make a goals for yourself. This can be anything. It is very important to have a goals all the time. Once you achieve first goals, then make another ones, higher and bigger. Be happy. Always be happy with the small things. And be grateful for everything you have.

You need to know that everything is possible. But also everything is in mindset. If you think you can do anything, you are right. If you think you can’t do anything and you feel sorry for yourself, you are right again.  Because the way you think it is manifesting in your life. So, be smart, think positive, be confident and believe you can achieve everything. You can have a dream partner, a job you like, afford travels, a house you wanted , just be the best version of yourself and work on it every day.