Elemis ? Yes please!!

Hello beauties !! I hope you are spending your day/evening amazing and peaceful

Today I will write about Elemis Brand ! Have you already familiar with it ?

Elemis is luxurious cosmetic for body and face coming from London .

Years and years I was searching for the right cosmetic for my face , whatever I tried it was just not good enough. After many years I have discovered amazing Elemis . Bellow see my top 5 favorite products so far :

  1. Peptide4 night recovery oil – it will literally recover your skin over night! After cleansed skin you will apply and take a beauty sleep In the morning skin feels soft, replenished and more smooth. Absolutely amazing !!p4nrco_xx_master_v01_rgb_web
  2. Dynamic resurfacing gel mask –If you do have problematic skin , acne, scars, this is the right thing for you. It has smoothing effect, restore even skin tone and it is anti-aging. I am using it once a week to maintain my skin and must say my face looks fabulous after it . It comes also with other skin products as night cream, facial wash, day cream, serum..dynamic-resurfacing-gel-mask
  3. Frangipani Monoi body oil –First reason i like this product-smells absolutely phenomenal . It does great job for the dry skin, hair, scalp, nails. It is made from Frangipani flower and coconut oil and delivers the best nourishment I have ever tried. frangipani-monoi-body-oil_100_rgb_web
  4. Lime and Ginger salt glow-Well in order to keep our skin healthy and glowing, we need to exfoliate once a week and remove dead skin cells. I find this perfect for me, make my skin instantly soft and definitely glowing. Love it ! lime-_-ginger-salt-glow_490_rgb_web
  5. Absolute eye mask– Anybody here with dark circles, puffy eyes?? Me too! This mask is saving my day ! Nourishes, revitalizes and removes dark circles. I am using it 3 times a week for the best benefits and seeing the huge difference. 00260_elemis_absolute_eye_mask_30mlIf you have any comments or you already tried these products or something different please go ahead and comment and tell me your experience ! Thank you so much for reading and stay tuned for more! xoxo

My favorite beauty products

Hi guys, how are you today?

I’ve decided to write today about some of my favorite beauty products these days..

I’ll start with the face and definitely my number one it will be La therapieline. This brand is coming from France and I’ve discovered on a cruise ship where they sell this products. My favorite product is daily/night cream named La Therapie multi-active moisturizer. It leaves my skin absolutely fabulous, soft and hydrated during the day and night. In combination with this I am using La Therapie toner, so it leaves the skin super clean and toned. Price is a bit higher but it’s worth it every penny.pfsjyx2o_201609152031219548

If we talk about make up, as a primer I am currently using Sephorabeauty amplifier.It is great base for the foundation, making your pores smaller, and what I like is it’s lasting a long time. Currently my favorite foundation is Estee Lauder Double Wear. I am literally obsessed with this product, it covers everything but at same time it feels so easy on your face, just amazing!


For body, I have 2 favorite products. Before I take a shower I am using a body brush. I don’t know if you are familiar with it but is great thing to do as it removes dead cells of your skin, increases your blood circulation and the best thing-it helps with the cellulite, it really does!! There is a lot of brands but mine is coming fromElemisEnglish brand.

As a body moisturizer my favorite one, already for several years, is Bath & Body Works. Probably you heard of this brand, there are beautiful scents, a plenty of choices , whatever you chose, there is no mistake.IMG_0864-600x400bath-and-body-works-scents-tease-150606_6d032723131ab3d80d6e4ffeda456b64.today-inline-large

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