Happy Monday !

Do you, like a lot of other people, suffer from ‘Monday mood’ ? Are you living just to’ live’  and waiting for Friday to be happy? Well that’s the sign  you must change something.

Why is that?  So every feeling that not makes you happy, complete, lucky etc. is saying to you a secret message. That message should be some kind of  your reminder that something is wrong.

Ask yourself why you need something else to make you happy than yourself?

Do you like what you do and are you enjoying your job?

If your answers are negative than you are probably stuck in your ‘comfort zone’  . I am not saying that ‘comfort zone’ is bad, but you can not grow, develop and get new experience from it. And probably that is the reason why you feel kind of unhappy. Once you get out from your comfort zone, you make a progress, you like what you do, new experience are coming to you and you have no longer problem with Monday. In fact, you see a lot of new opportunities, chances and can’t wait to achieve next level.

Happy Monday and I hope you will have amazing week ! 1-new-monday-new-week-new-goals09-positive-quotesMonday-Motivation-Quotes






Key West- Florida

Oh wow…If I write about USA and have to chose one of my favorite cities it would be definitely Key West… It is located in the southern Florida, on the island, and it is attraction for tourist as this lovely place is perfect for vacations, excursions, and it is popular cruise ships destination.

Since I was here first time I felt some magic in this city.  Houses like from movies, positive people everywhere around, a lot of place to visit so one day in Key West is definitely  not enough. Main street is filled with the restaurants made from the houses, stores, museum and palm trees around.

I remember the day last year and Hurricane, this city was almost destroyed. More then 5 months after we couldn’t visit again as it was unavailable for the cruise ships. But eventualy everything was back to normal and we went there one more time. I couldn’t    see any difference, everything was beautiful again.

Here is a few pictures from the Key West …img_0511img_0691img_0474img_0461img_0702img_0287

If you have more questions for this topic I will be more then happy to answer you!

Thank you so much for reading!   XoXo

10 things to do when you feel depressed…


Hello guys !  Hope you feel amazing today!

…..But in a case you don’t here are some tips to help you to feel better. In fact, how many times all of us feels down and incomplete? It happened to me so many times before .. But then I realized that my thoughts are not helping me  and  then I have changed mindset step by step..   So let’s start!


  1. Read a good book-  Yes, why not? When I say good book, that is up to you to decide what you like to read and what would  change your feelings and make you feel better. My choice was Esther Hicks-    books from this autor changed my life completely… It is about “Low of attraction” where you learn that we are responsible for our reality.. Definitely will write more about this topic in one of my next blogs.
  2. Watch a family/comedy movie- It is very important to chose something what will  make you  laugh. So open your Netflix and search for a movie, take some popcorns and enjoy in moment.
  3.  YOGA-  If you never tried yoga before, this exercise will relax and stretch your body, calm your mindset and soul.  It is improved to feel better after doing Yoga so don’t wait, open your search- browser and find it, you can do in your room by yourself.
  4. Go out with the best friend- I know that when you feel down you maybe prefer to stay home, but what you have to lose if you go out?  Few drinks or food  with your friend will make you feel better and pull you out from negative mood.
  5. Pamper yourself- This is one of my favorite things to do when I feel bad. So turn on light candles , fill up the bath, put a mask on your face, grab a favorite body scrub, and enjoy in just your time..  Sounds nice right? P.S. Don’t forget to play your favorite music.
  6. Go for a long walk- This is amazing thing to distress your body and clear your minds, so grab bottle of water, music on and   enjoy in your own company. You will be surprised how much better you will feel after.
  7. Do something nice for somebody.. It is well known the fact when you make or do something nice for somebody it makes you feel better. So be kind with the people, treat them how you like to be treated because everything will come back to you.
  8. Weekend Escape – Book a weekend for yourself or with friends and family, go somewhere  you never been before and have amazing time. Making new memories will definitely benefit your life.
  9. Play your favorite music and DANCE ! It seems silly but it’s great thing to do. It is going to bring you to the upper level of emotion and you will feel instantly better .
  10. A LIST OF THINGS YOU ARE GRATEFUL FOR-  This could be the most important thing. It is very important to be grateful and focus on all things you have instead of focusing on things you don’t have. This will bring into your life a more and more things to be thankful for.


Thank you so much for reading, I really hope you enjoyed in this blog !

Until next time, stay amazing  XXlifeimages

Turks and Caicos

Hello Everyone !

I will share a  short experience from this lovely place named Turks and Caicos.

If you never heard for this place before, it belongs to Caribbean islands located in the Atlantic ocean surrounded other islands as Cuba and Dominican Republic.


I’ve been here several times and I can say that this is absolutely perfect place if you are looking for a quite place, to rejuvenate your body, mind and soul.

It is perfectly made for vacation, family time and it is perfect for honeymoon destinations.

Sea is amazing and clear, with the crystal blue color. You can also do a lot of activites as diving, snorkeling, go for a tour or a visit local museums.

In my case, I preferred laying on the beach and enjoying in such an amazing view, eat local food and watch a sunset… ahh just perfect.

From 1 to 10 I am giving 10 to Turks and Caicos, definitely will visit again .

Hola Mexico!

Hmm Mexico… Since I was child, Mexico was favorite country to visit, first on my bucket list. I was in love with the Mexican culture, their language, and especially because Mexico is a “warm” country where is always nice and sunny.

As I have a job where I am traveling all the time, I was lucky to have Mexico once a week . It would be my favorite day to go out, have some nice traditional lunch, enjoy on the beautiful beach or go to some amazing local resort.

Whatever you chose in Mexico, there is no mistake. Local people are very nice and friendly making you feel like at home. Prices in restaurants are very low when convert into dollars so you can have a nice day for a small money, go to shopping mall or some local excursion where you can see Mexican historic places.

However, if you do considering Mexico as an option for vacation, go ahead, you will never regret, in fact, you will have amazing time there.

So far, I have visited East coast of this beautiful land, next on my list is West side.

Untill then, I am sharing few pictures with you from Cozumel ( Mexican island)

Tnank you for reading and if you do have a questions, ask me bellow in comments.

XX  Zoranaimg_0398img_0154img_0453