Miami Picture Diary

Happy Sunday !

Soon I will be sharing my experience from Miami, until then enjoy the pictures. If you have any questions let me know in comments! Hope you all have a wonderful day! Lots of Love Xx


Key West- Florida

Oh wow…If I write about USA and have to chose one of my favorite cities it would be definitely Key West… It is located in the southern Florida, on the island, and it is attraction for tourist as this lovely place isperfect forvacations, excursions, and it is popular cruise ships destination.

Since I was here first time I felt some magic in this city. Houses like frommovies, positive people everywhere around, a lot of place to visit so one day inKeyWest is definitely not enough. Main street is filled with the restaurants made from the houses, stores, museum and palm trees around.

I remember the day last year and Hurricane, this city was almost destroyed. More then5 months after we couldn’t visit again as it was unavailable for the cruise ships. But eventualy everything was back to normal and we went there one more time. I couldn’t see any difference, everything was beautiful again.

Here is a few pictures from the Key West …img_0511img_0691img_0474img_0461img_0702img_0287

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