Why to visit Norway..

Well hello amazing people ! Have you ever been to Norway? What do you think about this European country? If you ask me, yes, I’ve been to Norway  several times, and it was a really nice experience. At first place I wasn’t really excited to go there as Norway is  a”cold” country, which I am…Read more »

Turks and Caicos

Hello Everyone ! I will share a  short experience from this lovely place named Turks and Caicos. If you never heard for this place before, it belongs to Caribbean islands located in the Atlantic ocean surrounded other islands as Cuba and Dominican Republic. I’ve been here several times and I can say that this is absolutely perfect place…Read more »

Hola Mexico!

Hmm Mexico… Since I was child, Mexico was favorite country to visit, first on my bucket list. I was in love with the Mexican culture, their language, and especially because Mexico is a “warm” country where is always nice and sunny. As I have a job where I am traveling all the time, I was…Read more »