Vienna Trip

Hello lovelies!!

I am finally back on blog and ready to share my picture diary from stunning Vienna, Austria.

Have you even visited before this lovely city before

I am so lucky to get the chance to travel so much but must say that after seeing so many countries and cities Vienna left very strong impression on me .

I had a chance to visit Schönbrunn Palace, Albertina museum, downtown of Vienna

It is full of tourists from all different countries, language they speak is German and you can find citizens from Germany, Balkan countries and Turkey as well.

Enjoy in pictures and let me know if you visited Vienna before

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Thank you for reading and let me know your experience.xx

Top 5 ‘vacation destinations’ in Europe

Summer is coming and we are already thinking about the places we can visit and¬† where to spent our vacation. Here is my TOP LIST, places where I’ve been and definitely will visit again and¬† from my “summer bucket list” .

GREECE – This country is one of my favorite to go. Every time I’ve been here it was absolutely blast. National food, music, surrounded with Aegean and Ionian sea and every place you chose it will be amazing, everywhere is different, however my suggestion for Greece would be Mykonos and Santorini.¬†santorini-view

CROATIA –¬†This country is close to my home but somehow I’ve been there only once. I¬† have visited Dubrovnik and completely fell in love with this city.¬† Beautiful Adriatic sea , Old city of Dubrovnik, it is also a port so cruise ships are visiting this city very often. There is a lot of things to do and visit , just made for a completely wonderful vacation.¬†00-lede-dubrovnik-croatia-travel-guide

My next choice is CADIZ – city in southern Spain. It is located in Andaluc√≠a. City is a combination of modern and traditional, surrounded with a large beaches, restaurants everywhere and downtown located in the “old town”. cadiz

ISOLA D’ELBA¬†– This magical place deserves to be in my ‘top 5’ definitely. In a case you never heard for this city, it is¬† an island located in the Tuscany-¬† Italy.¬† It is the 3rd largest island after Sicily and Sardinia.¬†. It is located in the Tyrrhenian Sea about 50km east of the French island of Corsica. I fell in love with Elba because of amazing demography, beautiful views and lovely beaches everywhere around.¬†Toscane-1

THE GULF OF KOTOR- MONTENEGRO РDefinitely should be on your Bucket list, after you see picture bellow you will realize why. Blue Adriatic sea surrounded with the beautiful mountains  around giving us this stunning  view. It is becoming popular destinations every year,  I am sure it will become soon one of the most visited world destinations. Bay-of-Kotor-Montenegro-770x430kotor-montenegro

Thank you for reading, you are more then welcome to give your opinion. Until next time, stay amazing XX

Paradise on Earth- Half Moon Cay

Hello guys, hope you are wonderful today!

When I think about my “perfect vacation”¬† it gives me first association of Caribbean, Bahamas or Maldives ! Not necessarily this places are always best for vacation, however it always depends of the persons, and where they want to go or what they expect from vacation.

Anyway, I am assured all ages would enjoy laying on the beach of Half Moon Cay.

This magical small island is also named as Little San Salvador Island.

It is part of Bahamas, and a private island of one cruise ship company. So ships are coming, staying one day and guests are relaxing and enjoying at this amazing place.

You can start your day having a Yoga on the beach with the fitness instructor, and after that you can have relaxing massage. If you are not ‘massage person’ don’t worry, there is a plenty of¬† things to do.

Activities offered on the island include swimming, sunbathing, scuba diving, jet skiing and snorkeling.

As I said, island is private, there is no downtown city, everything is located on the beach. Restaurant, bar and there is also a small church/chapel so if you are dreaming of the wedding on the beach, you can have it there !

Until next time, here are some pics straight from Heaven!


Discover Grand Cayman Island

Hello guys ! Are you feeling great today? Hope you do !

Here is a review from the Caribbean island named Grand Cayman. Capital city is George Town.

Have you ever been here before? If you did, you will agree with me that is a paradise on the earth. You have literally everything on this island.   Amazing resorts where you can stay, all kind of restaurants- there is a local ones, Italian, Chinese, Mexican as well.

If you like to shop, you will find all kind of  shops and makeup as well.

But, the most popular place in Grand Cayman is ‘7 mile beach’¬†. It is a white sand with the most beautiful sea water you can imagine. Bars are all the way around on the beach, restaurants as well, so you can enjoy in nice lunch and cocktails.¬†If¬†you are fan of ¬†adrenalin sports, there is a sky diving, scuba diving, parasailing, local excursions, swimming with dolphins or stingrays¬†¬†…just everything.

If you consider visiting Caribbean islands, I am warmly suggesting Grand Cayman, it is definitely one of my favorite and most beautiful place. img_0940img_0941GCM-Grand-CaymanDSC_1063

Thank you for reading XX